He’s found a friend!

Those of you following the story of the Lizard choughs will know that the original pair's two young were fostered by G/W (named after his green/white colour rings), and that they successfully fledged.  Well that was in early July, and happily the youngsters are doing really well.  The latest news is that the male G/W has now found himself a mate!  One day he was with his two adopted chicks around the cliffs at Kynance and the next day he was seen cosy-ing up to an unringed bird with the chicks in attendance. This unringed bird had spent the previous few months on the east coast of the Lizard with another male - she arrived a bit too late in the season to breed (and possibly she was too young to breed anyway).  We are uncertain of her origin, she could be the only unringed Cornish born chough (born at a north coast site in 2012) or a completely new bird to Cornwall as there were certainly new incoming choughs to Cornwall towards the back end of 2012.

So will G/W and the new female remain a pair, will they breed next season and will they take over the Southerly Point cave?  Time will tell (and we'll be sure to tell you).

Unringed female joins  G/W and young
Unringed female joins G/W and young