Chough Club take part in the Big Schools Birdwatch

The Big Garden Birdwatch is the world's biggest wildlife survey, with millions of people taking part every year. The RSPB also runs the Big Schools Birdwatch, which many schools across the UK take part in every year. (

Birdwatch HQ

Birdwatch HQ


The Lizard Chough Club at Landewednack Primary School took part again this year, and had the 'roving rook' at top of their 2013 list, with a total of eight rooks being seen together during the hour long survey.

Big Schools Birdwatch

As well as monitoring the type and number of birds visiting the school grounds, the Chough Club also had fun learning the names, numbers and colours of some of the common garden birds in Cornish: another of the many skills these young ambassadors for nature are developing to support Cornish Wildlife.

Cornish Lessons


After years of speculation as to where the 3 choughs who came to Cornwall in 2001 originated from, clever detective work has unveiled some very interesting findings.

We had always thought the choughs came from Wales or Brittanny but scientists from the University of Aberdeen have completed their research and DNA analysis suggest that they came from further afield - Ireland!

Wonderful news!

Read more about it here.


Show your support for choughs – stickers for sale

A great way to display your support for our red-billed friends wherever you are.  Wouldn't it be great to see them in car windows up and down Cornwall, let’s try and get them in cars all across the UK too.  We could start a new game ‘where did you see a chough sticker’  - send in your photos! 

We have two versions available – one car window type (easy peel) and one stick on version for whatever you might like to stick them to (stick responsibly of course).

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