The Big Day

Today was the day we expectant watchers get very nervous and very excited about.

Tony Cross, chough ringer extraordinaire has paid the chough pairs a visit and has ringed a total of 17 chicks across 5 nests.

Well done choughs and a big well done to the chough watchers.

The next milestone in the breeding season is when the chicks fledge. Can't wait!

Images from the weekend

Some lovely photos in over the weekend from chough watchers.  The choughs have been spending lots of time searching out grazed fields next to the coast, the Lizard birds have been as far as Loe Bar this past week. You cannot see from this image as their legs are hidden, but the photo below shows a meeting of this year's young Lizard birds with two of last year's young.  And just to confuse things some of their ring combinations are very very similar - makes tracking them tricky especially in long grass.  A great low-level action shot.


This kestrel look a bit wary..........

Alec Farr
You lookin' at me?

Season end

Wow! What a season the choughs have had!Photo by C. Mucklow

There has been some major 'ups' and 'downs'.  The Southerly Point pair after all these years are sadly no longer gracing the skies over the Lizard. There is the happy tale of two pairs of choughs successfully fledging 5 chicks each. Then we had the incredible story of a chough adopting the Southerly Point chicks.  The chough took over feeding duties and is now teaching the youngsters to feed and fly.  We have had cold easterly winds, thick fog and then the blazing sun.  A real mix bag.

The end of the breeding season is here.  The Lizard public watchpoint is now closed.  We want to say huge thanks as always to all the chough watchers who help to ensure the choughs breeding success in Cornwall.  Also, to the extended chough team such as NCI volunteers, local bird watchers, communities and businesses and those of you that send your sightings in.  Sightings provide valuable information for the work we do and helps us keep track of the choughs movements.signchough

The watchpoint on the Lizard gives us the chance to do something we love and that is talk about the choughs.  Thank you to everybody who has visited us over the past 4 months, for showing your support and for buying a bag or a t-shirt.

Our work doesn't end there though.  We spend the rest of the year working with landowners on the coastal fringe to make sure there is enough suitable habitat for the choughs.  We also track the choughs all year round.  If you see one of us chough watchers out there on the cliffs, please do say hello.  We would be more than happy to show you the choughs if they are about or to tell you all about them.  We can't be everywhere at once though so if you see a chough in Cornwall (or even Devon), please let us know.