Thank you for 2011

We can't thank you enough for the support and love everyone has given the choughs not only in 2011 but for the past 10 years since their return but we are going to try!

We had a fantastic and very successful year in 2011.  Here are just some of the highlights: 15 chicks fledged, unringed choughs appeared, t-shirts were made and bought, thousands of people visited the watch point, wildlife weekend on the Lizard, Nos Palores with the black and red fancy dress, Bagas Crowds cliff tribute, chough club, a 10th year anniversary and of course all the brilliant volunteers and fund raisers.

Thank you to everyone you helped the choughs in some way this year; the watches, at the events, with chough club, fund raising, attended our talks, monitoring the birds throughout the year and reporting your sightings.

THANK YOU!  Here's to an exciting 2012!

Choughs and Crowders

Saturday 15th October saw a magical afternoon turn into a magical and mystical evening, as Bagas Crowd descended on the Lizard with their many musical friends to celebrate an Anniversary in common. John Dudding and France Bennet, of Bagas Crowd, inspired by their true Cornish connection invited the Cornwall Chough Project to join their 10th anniversary celebration raising over £100 for us through raffle tickets and donations. 

The event was a huge success.  Firstly, the choughs performed well on the guided walk, giving us aerial displays, and plenty of chawing for which they were rewarded with a serenade from the ‘Crowders’ on the cliff top, where they settled to feed within metres of the group. We then returned to the beautifully adorned reading room where we feasted. Cat Lee Marr from the Cornwall Chough Project gave a presentation on the return of the chough before the procession led by a giant ‘withy’ chough left to round up villagers for the ‘Crowders Ceildh’, which had us all dancing into the early hours.  The highlight of the evening was an amateur film by John Dudding  - called ‘The Great Pasty Hunt’ soon to be available on youtube.

See our photostream for more photos or go to Cornish Choughs.

Chough and Crowders Concert – 15th October 2011

It is Bagas Crowd’s 10th Anniversary and to celebrate they will be holding celebrations on the Lizard on 15th October 2011.  As it is their 10th year too, they are using the opportunity to have a party and kindly show the choughs some support.  We will be there to point folks in the right direction to see the choughs and will be holding a talk in the evening before the musical celebrations begin.  For more information, please visit their Facebook page.