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Excuse us as we make some changes, we thought it was time for a bit of a makeover to the site.  It's a work in progress!

Delving into the chough archives I found this...a beautifully made kneeler for Landewednack Church by the very talented Alix Lord.  Love the Lizard lighthouse going round the edge.

Kneeler Landewednack Church stitched by Alix Lord


Smoke and rainbows

Yesterday I spent the day out working with the Wild Penwith volunteer group at Trevalgan Farm.   Russell the farmer is helping to provide better habitat for choughs on the cliffs and we  were there to help with some scrub removal and to open up of areas of vegetation to encourage cattle to graze more widely.  A huge task that we only scratched the surface of this time around.  Hacking through thick impenetrable brambles and gorse  in boggy ground with tussocks that were  just  lying in wait to trip you up made it all very challenging,  but every little helps when restoring habitats. The plants within the marshy area will get more light, the cattle can nibble away in a bigger area and in time with more scrub work the area will be much more species rich and useful for wildlife and hopefully choughs will come.

We dodged the rain, rainbows hung in the air all day and the sea was spectacular.  Bonfires went phff, it was far too soggy but some molinia clumps got a sizzled haircut . A good day's work.

Thanks to Jan Dinsdale, David May and the West Penwith volunteer group for taking up the challenge, and for the tea and cakes.

Wispy bonfire smoke and a pot of gold

Wild Penwith volunteers at Trevalgan





Nadelik Lowen from Cornwall’s choughs

Seasonal Greetings from Cornish choughs
Seasonal Greetings from Cornish choughs

It's been a pretty good year for Cornwall's Choughs. Twelve pairs were seen attempting to nest, 10 of those pairs made a serious effort and eight were successful in fledging 23 chicks between them back in June.  Of those youngsters at least 19 are still alive.

Choughs bring much peace and joy to Cornwall. Thanks to everyone who supports them.