'Chough Watch' is over for another year and what a year it has been!

We are ecstatic to be able to say that nineteen chough pairs in the wild were identified this year.  Ten pairs bred successfully and 28 choughlets fledged in total.  Not just one new chough record broken but three all at once! That is twice the number of choughlets as last year!

It has been a long season. The beast from the east delayed the start. Only one tough chough pair ignored the weather to get going on time. The rest took their time (cunning plan possibly for one pair whose three week delay may have saved their young from raven predation as in previous years) but most eventually settled with the last fledgling appearing last week.  We were still identifying new pairs well into spring!

As Claire said when emailing all our super chough watchers this week to thank them for continuing to be the super chough watchers they are, each year is different and the choughs still surprise us.  Roll on 2019!