Visitor gifting to support Cornish choughs

Funding the RSPB's Chough work

Would you be able to help support the RSPB's work to safeguard choughs in Cornwall?  Choughs are hugely important to Cornwall and since their return back in 2001 there's been amazing interest in them and their burgeoning population.  The RSPB is the organisation that actively protects and monitors them with a small team of two staff supported by a fantastic gang of volunteers.  The team actively works to ensure the choughs have good places to feed (by working with farmers around the coast), safe places to nest (by protecting nest sites during the breeding season), advocacy work behind the scenes to make certain the chough's future is secure in Cornwall into the future as well as all round work to help people learn more about Cornwall's very own choughs.

We need funding to carry on this work and would love to hear from businesses that could support us.  A few pence on a certain product, a £1 for a booking, fundraisers, and the like would help all us with our costs and support our small but totally dedicated chough team.  Interested in supporting us? See here for more info and get in touch, we would LOVE to hear from you.