Thank you for 2011

We can’t thank you enough for the support and love everyone has given the choughs not only in 2011 but for the past 10 years since their return but we are going to try!

We had a fantastic and very successful year in 2011.  Here are just some of the highlights: 15 chicks fledged, unringed choughs appeared, t-shirts were made and bought, thousands of people visited the watch point, wildlife weekend on the Lizard, Nos Palores with the black and red fancy dress, Bagas Crowds cliff tribute, chough club, a 10th year anniversary and of course all the brilliant volunteers and fund raisers.

Thank you to everyone you helped the choughs in some way this year; the watches, at the events, with chough club, fund raising, attended our talks, monitoring the birds throughout the year and reporting your sightings.

THANK YOU!  Here’s to an exciting 2012!