Choughs are definitely the most glamorous and captivating members of the crow family. With their glossy black plumage, curved crimson-red bill and red legs they are unmistakeable.

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Choughs have been recorded as part of Cornish history since at least the 13th century. Their old Cornish name is Palores, meaning 'digger' and that's just what they do to find their invertebrate food.

The choughs in Cornwall are totally wild, they have not been introduced. A few birds came across from Ireland in 2001 and the rest, as they say, is history. Cornwall's national emblem is back where it belongs, part of Kernow heritage once more.

To contact us for more information about the choughs, or volunteering as part of the chough team, events or to report your chough sightings, please email cornishchoughs@rspb.org.uk or call 01392 453775.

Who are we?

When choughs first re-appeared back on Cornwall's coast, the RSPB, National Trust and Natural England formed The Cornwall Chough Project. A Partnership working together to secure a future for choughs in Cornwall through establishing suitable habitat and carrying out nest protection and monitoring.

Now, this has evolved into the Cornish Chough Conservation Network that  includes  all the volunteers, farmers, landowners,  local communities and visitors who support choughs and have a role in securing their future in Cornwall.