Quick update..

Some of the early nesters are now busy feeding chicks while other pairs have only just begun the incubation process. Eight pairs are now confirmed in Cornwall with a further four possible pairs, making it the best year yet.    A cold week ahead is not the best news, so we hope the nests are well lined with hair and grasses to keep their precious contents warm and snug. The chough watch team is all layered up against the weather busy keeping on eye on them all.

More news soon

Still working it all out

That’s us and the choughs still working it out.

One thing we do know is that this year the pairs are early, likely because the winter was not too harsh so they are in reasonably good condition, plus lovely(ish) spring weather to spur them on.

One thing we don’t know though is exactly how many pairs there will be – that’s because there has been quite a bit happening with pairs and pairings over the last few weeks – more detail on that soon.   Six pairs for sure, possibly more.   As the choughs work it out and the watchers interpret their behaviour, we will let you know.

Stay tuned…


Working it all out

Choughs are busy with nesting stuff.  Revamping last year’s, building a new one, deciding on where for the first timers, squabbling with the neighbours.  The last few days have seen a flurry of activity in Cornwall.  Most of it worked out already by the chough team, a bit of guesswork still involved maybe, but the ‘agents’ are on it.  Such a lovely time of the year to be out and about immersed in nature.