Nadelik Lowen from Cornwall’s choughs

Seasonal Greetings from Cornish choughs

Seasonal Greetings from Cornish choughs

It’s been a pretty good year for Cornwall’s Choughs. Twelve pairs were seen attempting to nest, 10 of those pairs made a serious effort and eight were successful in fledging 23 chicks between them back in June.  Of those youngsters at least 19 are still alive.

Choughs bring much peace and joy to Cornwall. Thanks to everyone who supports them.

Sue’s stress buster

Our friend Sue Biscoe on her experience helping monitor Cornwall’s choughs.

Thanks Sue !

I’ve been on Cornish choughwatch every year for 12 years or so and first got inspired listening to Mike Lord giving a chough talk on The Return. Watching from all those different sites around our coast has been a joy, sometimes cold, wet and nearly always windy but completely addictive.

It has been the best stress buster from the working week, and now that I’ve retired, the best way to spend the spring, seeing those choughs come and go, and finally the raucous chicks fledging. Not to mention all that other fantastic flora and fauna, the squill, the thrift, the Dolphins, the Ravens and gannets etc etc.

And I’ve enjoyed being part of the team helping the choughs, I’m sure they know!

on watch - hunkered down keeping out of the wind

on watch – hunkered down keeping out of the wind