East Looe – chough history

One of our supporters Reuben found this when searching the web, it relates to the year 1865. It’s not difficult to imagine just how many choughs succumbed to the gun. Interesting though that they were nesting at Polperro, we have had a handful of records over the past 12 years of a chough or two spotted in the East Looe area. Give them time and they will surely return to stay.
Chough, East Looe 1840-1865

Mud mud glorious mud

This is such a great image of one of last year’s young birds. You can clearly see the colour rings are mud/mud with piran/bto. Master mud is usually seen with the rest of last season’s cohort, usually somewhere between Pendeen and Cape Cornwall. On a few occasions he has been spotted roosting on his own rather than with the rest of the non breeding posse- he seems to like the peace and quiet of a ledge in an old mine engine house rather than the bustle and squabble that goes on within a communal roost. I can’t say I blame him!

Mud calling - image by Geoff Rogers

Mud calling – image by Geoff Rogers

Who are the chough watchers?

We & your choughs will miss you.

Super Keith

Keith got in touch with us in 2005, when he came across a bird he didn’t recognise while out for a walk near Mullion.  He went home to look it up on the interweb and of course that led him to us at the RSPB.  Newly retired and having time to walk, he soon found that a pair of choughs had taken up residence on cliffs near him and thus began his close connection with these amazing birds. All these years on, Keith still says he isn’t a birdwatcher, but he is one of our most dedicated and loyal volunteers.This year, as in previous years, Keith set up and ran the nest protection operation at ‘his’ site with the help of local people, many of whom have been co-opted to the job by Keith and his persuasive charm and passion for choughs. Being ex Navy there is military precision in the planning and execution of all tasks -including the end of season BBQ! Keith is not very well at the moment, so us and the choughs send him happy thoughts and hope he’s back on the cliffs very soon.

Keith in t' shed

Keith’s second home



Matt, Mark, Keith and Darren on BBQ duty 2014

Thanks Keith!