A little bit of Cornwall on Oronsay

Caught up with Morgan yesterday,  one of our volunteers who is now RSPB acting warden for Oronsay.  He’s on his well-earned hols but couldn’t resist a spot of chough related work with us.  We were out on a recce visit with a wildlife film maker who hopes to get some footage of choughs over the winter. Happily the choughs put on a good show for us and we got an early breakfast -well me and camerman did – Morgan had to take a naughty dog home (not his) and missed poached eggs on toast at the Dog and Rabbit.

Here’s Morgan during the summer at an Oronsay chough nest site sporting last years tee shirt.  Keep the faith this year’s tee will be here soon.  And there might be a bit more on Cornwall/Oronsay to tell soon

Morgan nest checking Morgan at work

You’ll want one of these

Our new pin badge!  Well, more of a classy button badge really.

A break from the traditional RSPB pin badge style and I think an improvement don’t you? We had to make a special case for this new version so we’re hoping chough fans will snap them up. They are available in Cornwall at outlets that support our pin badge box scheme (thanks to all of you who do this).

Excuse the backdrop, a computer is no substitute for a scenic cliff.